This Sleek Electric Scooter Folds in Two Like a Roller Suitcase

Bring it straight into the office elevator

December 19, 2018 9:00 am

We’ve written our share of headlines about electric scooters, Vespas and mopeds.

And while we’ve slowly become believers in the movement, one nagging detail remains. Where does the average urbanite actually park this thing

Electric skateboards fit under the desk. Scooters on the thinner side can be packed down (though they’ll look like you fished your kid’s Razor scooter out of the garage). 

But the solution for anything that actually packs a punch? Gotta be better than locking it to a sidewalk parking sign. That’s where Ujet comes in. 

ujet (4 images)

Ujet is a Luxembourg-based tech company that makes lithe, computer-paired, foldable electric scooters. Built around a purposely assymetrical frame and orbital wheel, the scooter smoothly collapses into itself, resembling a roller suitcase, or … one of those machines that scuttles around picking up tennis balls. (Just me?)

Which all means — you can roll this thing into your office elevator. You can store it inside your house or apartment. You can carry it up stairs if necessary (though be warned, it’s about 100-lbs.). And when you’re out on the roads, expect a commuting performance both reliable and sleek. The Ujet can travel nearly 100 miles off a few hours of charge, and it includes a built-in computer with Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth capabilities. It’s even got an app.

To build and price out your very own Ujet, head here. You can choose from six different colors, and add or subtract amenities as you see fit. We’re partial to the Uptown Black. 

All images courtesy of Ujet

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