Here’s a Paddleboard Tent You Can Sleep In

Riverboat, party of one.

February 8, 2017 9:00 am

Having an air mattress and tent on an overnight paddleboarding excursion would be a godsend.

It would also be quite difficult to carry.

Now, having an inflatable paddleboard that is an air mattress and tent? Brilliant.

The Trekker by French outdoor gear firm Hold Up is exactly that. The company, which also produces a line of innovative paddles, outfitted the Trekker with fixation points that can be used to hook up the optional “Tunnel” tent as well a waterproof “Dry Bag” that can hold overnight essentials like a sleeping bag, pillows or blankets. And the single-person board is inflatable, so it can double as a mattress once the fins are removed and, since it’s more than 12 feet long, has ample room for stretching out.

Trekker Paddleboard (4 images)

Luxurious? Far from it. Flashy? Not at all. Convenient and, more importantly, dry? Looks like it.

Even though Hold Up hasn’t set prices yet, they’re willing to take advance orders.

Helps if you speak French.

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