Running of the Bulls

By The Editors
May 6, 2014 9:00 am

First there were taxis, and the people were grumpy.

Then there were Ubers, and the people were happy.

And then there was Toro Ride, which lets you use your smartphone to order armored cars and Rolls Royces. And the people were like, seriously?

Yes, Toro Ride, the Uber for exotic vehicles, launching today.

Think of Toro as your ultimate white-glove car service.

It works pretty much like Uber.

Download the app, request a car (the aforementioned Rollie, Escalades, etc.), and drivers arrive in chauffeur garb carrying the expected backseat accoutrements, e.g., water, gum and phone chargers.

Unlike Uber, you can make reservations for specific times and order more than one car at a time.

In the next month, Toro will launch a fleet of armored cars (via Texas Armory Corp) with windshields that can withstand gunfire from an AK-47.

Ferrying foreign dignitaries, notable rappers or Donald Sterling?

This is the car service for you.

Nota bene: Use the promo code “torohook” to receive $40 off your first ride.

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