When It Comes to the Modern Camper, Smaller Is Better

Timberleaf: So lightweight, a station wagon can tow it

May 9, 2016 9:00 am

Last month, Airstream — that outsized aluminum svengali of American RVing — announced that they’d acquired Nest Caravan, aka a compact fiberglass trailer you can tow behind a station wagon.

The rationale behind their decision is clear: when it comes to campers, going miniature is the next big thing.

Biggest contender to Airstream’s newly claimed throne? The 1,240-pound Timberleaf Camping Trailer.

The ultra featherweight model  — which weighs nearly 800 pounds less than the Caravan while giving up just a foot of length — is short on size but long on talent.

With an anodized aluminum body, Baltic Birch interior, economic galley with cabinets and cooler, and a cabin with a panoramic skylight and enough space for a custom-made Colorado Queen mattress, the teardrop trailer is entirely livable but can still bob and weave with the best of ‘em.

The camper’s cushy base package goes above and beyond the bare essentials, but additional add-ons like solar panels, a roof rack, a cooking stove and air conditioning are all available.

“As many campers are searching for a way to have ‘just enough’ the tiny teardrop trailer has all that many need without sacrificing comfort,” according to the manufacturer.

Builds of the trailers take about 6-10 weeks and the base model starts at just $15,250.

Your move, Airstream.

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