The World’s Friendliest Electric Car Is Coming to America

It's basically Thomas the Train meets Tesla

September 6, 2016 9:00 am

What has three wheels, two bug eyes and one fresh green card burning a hole in his pocket?

His name is SAM — and he’s journeying to America from Poland to save you some money.

A three-wheeled electric minicar that was developed in Switzerland before gaining popularity with Poles, Austrians, Germans and Brexiters, SAM is currently being pitched to car dealers in California and Florida, company CEO Wacław Stevnert told New Atlas.

With gullwing doors built into its fully-recyclable polyethylene body, the two-seater can travel 20,000 miles on electric charges that will cost its owner a sum total of around $284, according to the car’s manufacturer. In addition to saving money, it also saves time: it can fully charge from a wall outlet in just five hours.

The car — which has a steel chassis and weighs just 1,100 pounds, including its lithium polymer battery — maxes out at 55 MPH and does 0-30 in seven seconds thanks to its 105-volt motor.

With a starting price of $12,350 (includes a regular battery), SAM is now available for preorder.  

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