The ‘Spitfire’ Streetbike Is Proof You Don’t Need Much for a Good Time

Step back and enjoy the ride

February 17, 2017 9:00 am

Known for their adventure motorcycles, this stripped back number from British moto manufacturer CCM is a diversion from its regularly scheduled programming.

The first build from the garage’s new small Skunkwerx division,the “Spitfire” is a 600cc, 55-horsepower single-cylinder beaut. Just 226 lbs. bone dry, the team set out to build “dream bike without the usual constraints of design objectives and bureaucracy.”

Spitfire (3 images)

Looks fun, right?

To be properly unveiled at the London Motorcycle Show — with a production run of 150 — the ride has Brembo brakes, a fully adjustable suspension via Dia in the forks and Tractive in the back. And all the bells and whistles remain quite simple and spunky, fixed with a small headlight, a barely there single seat and almost obnoxiously subtle, but quite creative, mudguards.

It’s about the best legal time you can have for $10,000.

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