The Lexus Sport Yacht Is Lavish, but Has One Serious Flaw

Hint: it’s not the 950 horsepower

January 17, 2017 9:00 am

Don’t you just hate when luxury has limitations?

When it comes to the new 42-foot Lexus Sport Yacht that recently arrived at the Miami Beach waterfront, there is at least one.

Created by the Toyota Marine Department and built by Marquis Yachts, the Lexus is certainly a high-end steed for the sea. It’s modeled after the LC 500 coupe and LFA supercar and features a twin V-8 gasoline engine that churns out 950 ponies with a top speed of 49 knots. If that’s not enough for ya, there’s a turbo-booster that can add 1,000 RPMs for a lightning fast jet. 

Lexus Yacht (4 images)

In the bells and whistles department, the 8-passenger craft has an unprecedented 7-inch touchscreen that allows for controlling all systems. The Sport has a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic hull because super light equals super speedy. And the interior, much of which was built in Italy, with its white, leather couch, smoked glass and marble facade feel like a swanky lounge.

So why the long face, you ask? What possible limitation could there be?

Lexus is keeping all the fun for themselves. She’s a one-off.

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