“Mad Max’s” Automaker Just Built the Ultimate Firetruck

This beast can definitely take the heat

August 30, 2016 9:00 am

As we type, there are roughly 11 forest fires ablaze across California.

If only there were enough Bulldogs to fight them all.

The Bulldog is a gargantuan 4X4 fire truck capable of delivering 2,000 gallons of water, paving the way for relief workers to get closer to extinguishing a forest fire.

The front of the truck is outfitted with floor sprayers and a hoses, one of which sits at the grill and can be directed from inside the cab. The heat-resistant wheels are 54” high and can roll right over trees and smoldering embers.

The truck is made by Howe and Howe Technologies, which designs and manufactures military and first-responder robots and vehicles. 

Bulldog Extreme 4X4 Firetruck 2016Watch the Bulldog in action2:30

Howe and Howe’s work is also featured in movies such as Mad Max Fury Road, G.I. Joe and the upcoming Fast and Furious 8.

Though the firetrucks are offered in two sizes, Alpha and Delta, they are truly customizable to meet a fire department’s specific needs. As of now they’re being used by departments in Texas, Minnesota, Illinois and soon in Montana. 

Howe and Howe is busy filling existing orders through 2017. Hopefully California hasn’t burned down by then.

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