What’s That on Your Table? Oh, Just a Ferrari Emerging From a Pool of Liquid Metal.

Your counter space transformed, via Discommon Goods

February 6, 2018 9:00 am

Your coffee table serves a few purposes: Makeshift dining area. Repository of barely-skimmed hardcovers. Foot rest.

Nothing that necessarily connotes speed or style.

Until now. Buckle up, because The Automotive Icons Table Series redefines your counter space as a sleek nod to history’s greatest cars.

New from Discommon Goods — crafters of beautifully designed, one-of-a-kind takes on everyday goods (flasks, wallets, razors) — the Icons are ten unique aerodynamic vehicles built from hard-anodized 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum.

Each table surface is machined from a single block of four-foot long, three-inch thick aluminum — essentially, they’re removing almost all of the material to create the illusion of your favorite supercar emerging, T2 style, from a pool of liquid metal.

So far four have been produced (already made: a Ferrari F40; the next one in line is a Lamborghini Miura). If you want one commissioned, simply apply on Discommon’s site. If approved, you’ll able to choose the vehicle — which can be an iconic plane or ship if you prefer — as well as the texture, finish and color.

Each Icon takes about 100 man hours to finish, and they start at $20,000. And they only have six more tables available, so time to put your pedal (or your bank account) to the metal.

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