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Get Used to the Phrase “Where’d You Get That?”
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18 February 2016

Harley Davidson. Apple. Your dad’s slow descent into his tinkering phase.

All great enterprises that began in a garage.

Next on the list: Discommon, a repository for functional, hard-wearing, one-of-a-kind men’s goods from two guys who have designed for The Macallan, Oakley, Highland Park and many others that they kept secret from us for legal reasons. 

Here’s what's currently on offer:

The Watch Roll
This buttery soft watch roll looks like a moto tool belt, holds four watches in its leather and polyester sleeves and features an Aero foam core liner that keeps it slim but secure.

The Straight Razor
Whether you’re a fan of a tight shave or just someone who likes fun with knives, Discommon’s straight razor has a titanium blade and a micro-textured handle that gets tackier when wet — and it looks like it was forged in the same factory as the Terminator.

The Bottle Opener
Nothing gets more everyday than a bottle opener. This little gem looks like a polished, palm-sized pebble that you could skip across a lake. It slides nicely into your pocket and looks great on your bar cart.

To stay up to date on Discommon's new — and typically super limited-edition — products, sign up for their Insiders club.

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