So Here’s $30K Off a Tesla If You’re OK With a Little Wear and Tear

To be clear: it's not a deal. Tesla doesn't do deals.

September 5, 2017 9:00 am

Never has the time been so ripe to score a Tesla as right now.

Because while Elon Musk has made it abundantly clear that Tesla doesn’t need to raise money — it could if it wanted to — that doesn’t mean that they don’t need money, ya know, in general.

According to Electrek, a number of Tesla owners have received a little note in their inboxes from their regional dealerships flagging an up to $30,000 discount on the original configuration price of Model S and Model X P100D makes. And if purchasing isn’t your thing, the message also notes that vehicles can be leased for just $1,500 for the Model S and $1,600 for the Model X.  

But Tesla is known for their strict no negotiation, no discount sales principles. A principle that, truth be told, we’ve always found super refreshing. So, isn’t this a contradiction?


Tesla issued a firm statement regarding the circulating emails, ensuring that the price adjustment is for test drive vehicles, service loaners and cars that have been refurbished for one reason or another.

“No Tesla customer ever has to be concerned about not getting a “good deal.” A “good deal” is code for how a company takes advantage of a customer. We don’t do “deals.” We treat everyone the same. This will never change, ever,” the statement says.

But hey, we’ll readily take a little wear and tear for a $30K cut. 

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