What If We Told You This Battery Charges E-Cars in 5 Minutes?

That's what we call a game changer

May 12, 2017 9:00 am

We are running out of excuses to not own an electric car these days: Israel’s StoreDot is making history at the CUBE Tech Fair with its new FlashBattery tech, which is said to charge an electric car battery in just five minutes.

If we completely understood how they did it, we’d be writing this from our yacht. But what we can tell you is that they swapped the standard Lithium Ion for a compound of their own design with specially arranged nanomaterial and proprietary organic compounds, which results in rapid-fire charges.

The white space in the market was prime for the filling. Most makers are focusing on a battery’s mileage, but not on the speed of charge. Tesla’s stations, for instance, take about 75 minutes for full juice. And last time we checked, that was an area ripe for improvement for the occasionally spontaneously combusting Tesla.  

StoreDot is packing $66 million in funding currently and is planning to hit the market with FlashBattery in the next three years. 

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