Travel the World Without Fuel, Noise In This Solar Superyacht Concept

The only thing stopping you is a cloudy day

September 28, 2018 9:00 am

Look, just because you’re a superyacht kind of person doesn’t mean you’re a not socially responsible superyacht kind of person, right?

SolarImpact might be the do-gooder luxury boat for you.

Driven by (natch) roof-mounted solar panels, the 78-foot, three-level electric yacht concept potentially has limitless range, though the makers do note that your chances of achieving solar-fueled nirvana depend on where you’re located: the panels could produce “more than enough energy in the world’s most popular sailing areas.”

The Zurich-based company also promises their boats will possess wide and spacious corridors, an open-air living room, noiseless travel (thank that sun power), 90% less rolling and heeling due to the design of the ship, a “high degree” of automation, 360-degree camera-enabled views for docking and maneuvering, and a hidden crew area so passengers have more privacy.

Sadly, the boat is in the rendering state at the moment, although a 3D walkthrough model debuted at the Cannes Yachting Festival earlier in September.  

So it’s not just the work of a “draws boats in their basement” kind of company. It’s the work of a “draws boats in their basement then presents them at yacht festivals” kind of company. And when it comes to the likelihood of the SolarImpact ever coming to fruition, that’s a key difference.

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