Aptera Unveils Gamma Prototype of Its Solar-Powered Coupe

Production is set to begin next year

Aptera Motors prototype
Aptera Motors Gamma prototype.
Aptera Motors

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, so too are discussions about the best ways to keep them charged when out on the road. It’s a question that numerous EV manufacturers are wrestling with — and one that Aptera Motors has come up with a unique solution for. The company has, to date, focused on developing a remarkably efficient vehicle; the fact that its design looks genuinely futuristic doesn’t hurt, either.

Traveling 1,000 miles on one charge is an impressive feat in its own right. But Aptera’s plan also involves a second method of charging, which some of you may know as “the sun.” And at this year’s edition of Fully Charged LIVE, Aptera Motors showed off its latest prototype — the Gamma.

As Autoblog reports, this is slated to be the last generation of prototypes before Aptera Motors heads into production with it — which is currently slated for next year.

Aptera’s solar-powered vehicles have a starting price of $25,900 — though that’s with a battery with a 250 mile battery range. (If you’re looking for the 1,000 mile option, that’ll raise the cost to $44,900.) According to the automaker’s website, its solar panels are designed to provide “about 40 miles per day of free driving powered by the sun.”

The announcement of the Gamma prototype is a big step forward in terms of seeing Aptera Motors’ vehicles on road near you. The company hasn’t reached the finish line yet, but it certainly seems to be in sight.

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