Watch the Singer ACS Porsche Conquer the GP Ice Race Track

When the off-roader is on the Austrian Alps, you can call it the Yeti

The ACS off-road Porsche from Singer and Tuthill done up in a Yeti livery by GP Ice Race
You know this as the Singer ACS Porsche, but today, you can call it the Yeti.
Screenshot via GP ICE RACE on YouTube

Over at InsideHook HQ, we’ve seen Porsche cars do many fantastical feats. We’ve seen them go camping, pull a Danny Zuko and even take a bullet (well, prepare to take one at least). But we’ve never, ever seen anything quite like the Yeti. 

No, not the abominable snowman or the overbuilt cooler brand. The Yeti we’re talking about is actually a recent off-road Porsche build from Singer and Tuthill Porsche, just with a new look. It’s an overhauled 911 (of the 964 variety) called the All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS) which first went viral a few months ago thanks to a video of the car tearing up a sandy beach and gravel roads.

But now, courtesy of the folks behind the GP Ice Race, the ACS has donned a new “01” livery, taken on the name Yeti, and conquered the snow and ice of the Austrian Alps.

You can watch the Porsche bomb the mountain on YouTube. Just be aware that this footage may cause you to consider selling your home so you can order one of these yourself.

The GP Ice Race is a relatively new annual racing event that takes place in the small Austrian town of Zell am See, which has also been the home of the Porsche family over the years. Inspired by a historic racing series that took place on Lake Zell when it was frozen over, Vinzenz Greger and Ferdinand Porsche (the great-grandson of the founder of Porsche who shares his name) restarted the event in 2019. Their event was hampered this year due to the pandemic, but hey, at least we got the Yeti out of it. 

If you’re wondering why Porsche isn’t mentioned in the video or its description (beyond a note at the bottom that says Singer is not affiliated with the automaker) or why the Yeti run isn’t featured on Singer’s or Tuthill’s social media, head over to our previous coverage of the tussle between Porsche proper and the ACS.

In short, we think Porsche is kicking themselves that they didn’t come up with the ACS — I mean the Yeti — first. 

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