This Sidecar Comes With One Helluva Fancy Scooter

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May 2, 2017 9:00 am

In 1893, a French newspaper held a contest asking its readers to come up with the best way to carry a bicycle passenger comfortably and elegantly. The winning entry? The humble sidecar. Since then, the one-wheeler has served as a manner of conveyance for pets, dates and Batman’s sidekick, but has never quite achieved equal wheeling with its two-wheeled counterpart.

But with their newest project, Shanghai Customs hopes to bring those days to an end.

Sidecar Scooter (7 images)

Outfitted with custom bracing, brown leather and a seat belt for safety, this specially sourced sidecar was paired with a knockoff Vespa model that’d been stripped down to its steel tacks. Other than the snazzy sidecar, what separates the one-off build from the scooter pack is that Shanghai Customs went to the trouble of installing a 2,000-watt electric motor powered by a pair of car batteries that produce 96 total volts and allow the “Veipai” to top out at 55 MPH.

As once sidecar aficionado might say, “Holy finishing touches, Batman!”

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