Fastener Issue Prompts Rivian to Recall Thousands of 2022 Vehicles

The fastener might affect the steering system

Rivian R1T
Two Rivian R1Ts.
Elliot Ross/Rivian

In this day and age, automotive recalls can involve a wide variety of issues, from mechanical troubles to software issues. Some recalls can be addressed with a quick repair, while others might require a longer period of maintenance. The latest news of a high-profile recall comes from electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian — and the issue at hand, as per an article at CNBC, involves a fastener.

What’s most notable about this recall, however, is its scope — it affects virtually all of Rivian’s vehicles, from the pickups it sells to car buyers to the delivery vans it developed for Amazon. All told, around 13,000 vehicles are affected by the recall.

That’s the bad news. The good news — to the extent that a recall can have good news — is that, as CNBC reports, the issue that’s sparked the recall has yet to result in any injuries. The article refers to “the structural issue of a torqued fastener” as being at the heart of the problem — and goes on to note that this could have an adverse effect on the vehicles’ ability to steer.

As The Verge reports, this will affect the company’s pickups and SUVs along with their delivery vans.

CNBC’s article doesn’t mention an estimated repair time, but you’d think that tightening a fastener wouldn’t take too long to complete. Hopefully this problem can be dealt with relatively quickly, before any other issues related to it arise.

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