The ’95 Range Rover Is a Classic. Proof: These Restorations.

Why the hell did they discontinue this thing, anyway?

April 18, 2018 9:00 am

If you’re considering acquiring a “vintage” car, you’re probably thumbing back a few decades in the old noggin. Presumably to the golden age of buffed roadsters and desert-style 4x4s … which all definitely existed long before the year 1995.

But no auto-lover can deny the majesty of East Coast Defender’s latest Land Rover update, an imaginative overhaul of a 1995 Range Rover Classic, a line the British automakers discontinued just a year later.

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The RRC by ECD is a bit of a pivot for a custom automotive company that has largely focused on more souped-up off-road champions. But it’s that exact expertise that works well here, updating a model you might not otherwise glance twice at in a parking lot into a bona fide neckbreaker. They lowered the front fascia, painted the trim black, added fresh LED lights, updated the interior with brand new leather and stitching, and then fitted the jalopy with brand new Michelin Destroyer tires. 

Lucky for you, they’ve made the model available for future editions — as well as further customization, if you so please.

Get in contact with East Coast’s Lead Vehicle Designer, and start planning your own “2018” Range Rover Classic.

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