Watch Porsche’s First Super Bowl Commercial in 23 Years

It’s “Ocean’s Eleven” meets “The Fast and the Furious”

Porsche "The Heist" First Super Bowl Commercial in 23 Years
The new electric Porsche Taycan sneaks past German police in the Super Bowl commercial "The Heist."
Porsche AG

Coke. Budweiser. Doritos. Skittles. GoDaddy. These are the companies you expect to see during commercial breaks of the Super Bowl. Some find it fun comparing their spots year after year; others find dropping at least $5.5 million annually for a 30-second shot at social-media virality a little pathetic. 

Porsche isn’t a brand you associate with gimmicks, or American cultural events for that matter. But when the San Francisco 49ers face the Kansas City Chiefs, the German automaker will be showing a 60-second spot, its first Super Bowl commercial in 23 years.

Instead of taking the in-your-face-hashtag or tear-jerker route, Porsche is combining elements of Ocean’s Eleven and The Fast and the Furious in a commercial called “The Heist,” which puts a spotlight on its highly anticipated electric vehicle, the Taycan.

Super Bowl viewers will only see a minute-long version on Sunday, but you can watch the full two-and-a-half minute film below:


It’s got everything: your classic Porsche 911, the iconic Gulf Oil colored 917 K race car, even a tractor (yes, Porsche has a history with farm equipment — now there’s a Super Bowl party conversation starter!).  

So why is Porsche getting back into the game? The launch of the Taycan EV is the obvious reason, but the German marque has also been slowly capturing larger and larger pieces of the U.S. market. For the last 10 years, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. has experienced consistent year-over-year growth, with 2019 setting the record at 61,568 vehicles sold. 

This Porsche commercial is a fantasy, but they’re trying to make the American dream of owning one a much more common reality.

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