Building a Custom Porsche Is the Best 5 Minutes on the Internet Today

Customize your own limited-edition 911 R. For giggles.

By The Editors
March 15, 2016 9:00 am

The next time you have a few Internet minutes to kill, why not put down the latest Trump supercut or Steph Curry hot take and try creating a piece of art?

Namely, a piece of Porsche art.

Despite the fact the company is limiting production of its new 500 HP 911 R to just 991 models, it has given gearheads the opportunity to simultaneously delight/torture themselves by building what might have been with an online supercar configurator.

Although the 911 R’s six-cylinder, fuel-injected, 500 HP racing engine comes standard, users who feel like indulging in a little Porsche porn can customize the vehicle’s exterior, interior and entertainment system by adding options like racing and side stripes, LED headlights, black leather stitching or a front axle lift system and then basking in the visually simulated results.

Think of it as Build-Your-Own-Nikes for the corner-office crowd.

And now, because most of us will only see the 911 R on a screen and we deserve more than a rendering (however customized), a live-action video:

The new Porsche 911 R – A thoroughbred driving machine 1:37

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