Don’t Call Peugeot’s ‘Sea Drive’ Concept a Boat

The SUV of the seas could be coming to a marina near you

December 11, 2017 9:00 am

When picturing the future of boating, one of three extremes usually prevails: Titanic-level-opulent yachtsborderline-insane recreational vehicles and Tesla-style e-boats.

But France’s Peugeot and Bénéteau have teamed up on a new vision: the sport-utility vessel. At their home country’s boat show, Salon Nautique International de Paris, the two brands unveiled the Sea Drive Concept, a luxury two-person watercraft.

Sea Drive Concept (5 images)

It incorporates Bénéteau’s recently developed Ship Control technology with Peugeot’s i-Cockpit — the third-generation of which is available in the marque’s 3008 SUV and upcoming 5008 SUV, and includes a compact steering wheel, head-up display and large touchscreen. In the Sea Drive itself, that translates to exceptional handling and easy access to all of the boat’s functionality and relevant operational information.

Looking at the renderings, though, it’s the aesthetics that’ll have you drooling and/or scratching your head. The Nappa leather interior and radical knife-like design are almost enough to distract from the fact that the left side of the boat is totally open. In practice, it looks less like a pleasure cruiser and more like the perfect getaway vehicle for a supervillain itching to push an unsuspecting flunky into the open sea.

While the Peugeot Design Lab built a functional demonstrator of the Sea Drive Concept, unfortunately for Dr. Kananga, no plans have been announced for production.

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