One Extraordinary CIA ‘Torture’ Jet is Up for Sale

It's all yours ... if you can look beyond its dark past

April 10, 2017 9:00 am

With three beds, a lounge bar, full galley, onboard entertainment system, space for 16 and just 5,942 flight hours on its Hobbs meter, $27.5 million seems like a decent price for a Boeing 737.

Unless you’re into ghosts, in which case this particular Boeing is likely worth far more than that.

Currently up for sale in Dallas, Boeing No. N313P was formerly used by the CIA to transport “high value detainees” between locations in Afghanistan, Poland, Romania, Morocco, Libya, Thailand and Guantanamo Bay, according to Mother Jones and The Rendition Project.

Operated by a number of shell companies during its four years of service time, this particular plane brought detainees to “black sites” where they faced “enhanced” interrogation techniques.

While there’s no telling exactly what kind of gnarly s**t went down on the aircraft, it’s probably safe to assume strong feeling of malice floating around within the 97,000-pound plane.

If you’re in the market for a potentially haunted CIA plane with good mileage, contact the broker.

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