Nissan Built a BBQ-Equipped Truck for Meat Lovers, Because America

Say, man, why is your truck smoking?

March 8, 2018 9:00 am

Your friend Dave who thinks he’s hot sh*t at the tailgate because he’s got a flatscreen in the trunk?

Step aside.

Because Nissan just showed up at Indy’s Work Truck Show with a Frankenstein-ian concept they call the Smokin’ Titan, and it’s a godsend for any red-blooded American who likes large vehicles and smoked meats.

(3 images)

Truly the Zeus of tailgating, the truck is as functional as it is preposterous. Nissan outfitted a Titan XD Gas King Cab with a mobile kitchen, swapping a standard flatbed for a heavy-duty smoker ready to grill up all manner of gameday staples. The tow-along trailer conveys the Titan’s standard bed, here hooked up to a custom platform for ample dry storage. The smoker includes a double-burner stove, concealed sink and water storage system, while the modified cab conceals a fridge, freezer and spice rack.

Not to mention those smoky decals overlaid on the black exterior.

Eat it, Dave!

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