Morgan Motor Co. Is Celebrating 110 Years With Some Snazzy New Roadsters

No one does old dogs with new tricks better than Morgan

October 18, 2018 9:00 am

When the first Morgan Motor Co. roadster chugged out onto the street, the Ottoman Empire still stretched across the Arabian peninsula. The Yankees had just one World Series under their belts. Ernest Hemingway had just found his first armpit hair.    

And by some marriage of smart engineering and century-spanning grit, Morgan Motor Company, founded that year, is still going strong. In celebration of its upcoming 110th birthday, the Britons just announced a commemorative line of anniversary models. And boy oh boy are they snazzy. 

motor (4 images)

These autos stay true to the Morgan Motor Co’s sporting tradition: lots of wood, a healthy serving of leather and one killer paint job. Morgan shapes its body panels from ash frames, offers quilted leather seats, Moto-Lita steering wheels either rimmed in leather or wood, and an exterior color palette that includes new tones “Classic Range” and “Metallic Range.” (Think stormy gray and icy blue.) 

Not to mention, each of the vehicles (their 4/4, Plus 4, Roadster and 3 Wheeler models) comes with full 110th-anny detailing: logos, decals, the works. Lots of companies, automotive or otherwise, like to profess longetivty. “Bequeathability,” if you will. But Morgan Motor Company’s has a knack for proving it.

Find more info on the anniversary models here

All images from Morgan Motor Co.

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