Green Movement

By The Editors
June 3, 2013 9:00 am

Eventually, The Mission was gonna have to specialize in something besides bike messengers. And dive bars. And more bike messengers.

We found that something. 

Introducing the Mission RS — the first ever electric motorbike from your friendly neighborhood Mission Motorcycles, available today for pre-order.

Seriously: this is a damn sexy, very powerful electro-bike, as evidenced by this video right here.

Short for Race Special, the RS comes packed with 160 horses that’ll gallop 200 miles without a drop of petrol.

They top out at 150 mph. They take two hours to charge. And they’re street legal – deeming it the highest performing electric vehicle that can make such a claim.

As far as special tricks go: it can back up (actually more than can be said for some race-bikes, like the F4 Tamburini).

The RS also boasts an onboard computer that math-nerds your ride to ensure maximum traction along the power curve.

And here’s the gee-whiz gadget part: the RS dispenses driving directions and records 1080p ride footage while you cruise. No prior bike can claim that – gas or electric.

Happy motoring.

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