Mercedes Just Fired a Silver Bullet Into the Futuristic Car Arms Race

Or, as they say in Deutschland, “Es ist ein Doozy.”

July 26, 2016 9:00 am

Never one to be outdone by rivals, Mercedes-Benz has issued a response to the futuristic Rolls-Royce concept car BMW unveiled last month.

And as they say in the German auto biz, “es ist ein doozy.”

Designed by Daimler AG design head Gorden Wagener to showcase his vision of what 2030 holds for the marque, the Mercedes-Benz “Concept Digital Core” (CDC) is a smooth piece of aerodynamic automotive tech that lacks “any visible transitions” and looks like a silver bullet on wheels.

The CDC’s “flexible bi-metal structure” will allow its exterior design and color to change, and the “intelligent fiber structures” on the car’s interior will offer transformability on the inside as well.

The automated concept car will be linked up with the networks of the future and use an array of sensors and cameras to record information that will help drivers get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible. And in addition to linking with 2030’s cybernetworks, the CDC will connect with its driver as well.

“The car of the future will literally anticipate our every desire by monitoring our vision,” according to Mercedes. “In many respects the driver and automobile will become one intelligent and emotional entity.”

While that’s a tough break for your partner/child/dog, it’ll sure help with directions.

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