Four-Wheeled Motorbike Thinks It’s a Maserati, Isn’t Far Off

The LM847 Quad Motorcycle. It’ll stir your loins.

By The Editors
March 17, 2016 9:00 am

It’s dressed in red and white, sits on four wheels and stocks a Maserati engine, but it’s not a Quattroporte or Levante.

It’s a French motorbike. And we want one. Or at least the 16-year-old inside of us does.

The LM847 Quad Motorcycle from Lazareth is built around a Maserati-built 4.7-liter V8 with 32 valves and two stainless steel manifolds that cranks out 470 HP at 7,000 RPM.

The powerful bike was possibly built in recognition of the recent repeal of a French law that held motorbikes to a maximum of 100 HP and required the installation of electronic or mechanical restrictors.

Vive la révolution, and then some.

Lazareth — which also makes three-wheelers, quads and snowmobiles that look like they belong in the Batcave — also outfitted the polyester-and-carbon racing bike with TFX suspension technology, Michelin Power Cup Evo tires and powerful front and rear disc brakes because clearly, safety first.

Très bien. 

All images via Lazareth

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