Lawrence of Arabia’s Dagger Inspired Brough Superior’s New Motorcycle

Only 188 will be made, in a nod to the year of T.E. Lawrence's birth

The Lawrence motorcycle from Brough Superior on a black background
This motorcycle takes a cue from history.
Brough Superior

In the first half of the 20th century, England’s Brough Superior made motorcycles that have held up over time and stoked the enthusiasm of drivers who appreciate detailed levels of craftsmanship. After a long period of dormancy, the marque was revived with nods towards its own history and high performance vehicles. For their latest creation, they’ve hearkened back to a well-known and sometimes controversial historical figure, T.E. Lawrence. More specifically, they’ve taken design cues from one of Lawrence’s favorite accessories — a dagger he frequently wore on his belt.

At Robb Report, Viju Mathew has more details on the new motorcycle, known as — you guessed it — the Lawrence. Brough Superior’s own website notes that the motorcycle’s “sleek lines are designed after the fleeting, fluid curve of the daggers Bedouins customarily wore on their belts and pictured on Brough icon Lawrence of Arabia.”

The Lawrence seats two, has a 103 horsepower engine and will retail for about $80,000. Only 188 will be made, in a nod to Lawrence’s birth year of 1888.

Lawrence himself had a long fondness for Brough Superior’s motorcycles. The Robb Report article notes that Lawrence wrote glowingly about the experience of riding them in his memoir The Mint. That long history has a bittersweet element as well: the accident that cost Lawrence his life took place when he was riding a Brough Superior SS100. This new vehicle seems equal parts tribute and memorial, bringing history full circle.

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