Meet the Man Behind the World’s Largest “Fast and Furious” Car Collection

Jorge Acosta has built 24 replicas from the franchise, but is aiming for 35 in total

Fast and Furious car collection
The 24 cars in Jorge Acosta's "Fast and Furious" collection, with at least 11 more on the way.
Screenshot via Roads Untraveled on YouTube

If you hear the words “tuna, no crust” and the first image that pops into your head is Paul Walker, not the sandwich, you might be a Fast and Furious fan. But while the car racing franchise has garnered one of the largest and most dedicated fan bases of the modern moviegoing era, we may have found the biggest Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto disciple of them all.

His name is Jorge Acosta, he lives in Edmonton, Alberta, and he has built no fewer than 24 replica cars from the franchise. Roads Untraveled, which recently posted an interview with Acosta on YouTube, pegs him as the owner of the world’s largest Fast and Furious car collection, but he’s not stopping at two dozen — if he has his way, he’ll end up with 35 cars in total, or maybe more.

“My wife wants me to stop, so hopefully it’s going to be 35,” Acosta says in the video, surrounded by a green Mitsubishi Eclipse, Dodge Charger, white Volkswagen Jetta and other iconic cars from the films. 

While Acosta says that he’s received help in building the most accurate replica cars possible from people who worked on the movie cars, like technical advisor Craig Lieberman, these are just that — replicas. He doesn’t own any vehicles that were used in filming, and he’s forthcoming about the differences between his collection and those on-screen rides, from wheels to wings. That doesn’t make it any less impressive.

How does one amass a highly specific, 24-car collection without, oh, I don’t know, going into massive debt? Acosta says he has been importing Japanese cars and flipping them to pay for his hobby; he’s supposedly sold 10 Supras alone in the last five years.

Whether you’re interested in starting a Fast and Furious collection of your own, or just need something to tide you over until the ninth film finally comes out (after a COVID-related delay), Roads Untraveled’s video is worth a watch.

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