Lancia Announces Ambitious — and Green — Comeback Plan

Electric vehicles and recycled materials both play a part

Lancia Spider Sport
Lancia has a long and storied history.

In an era of massive automotive conglomerates, it can be far too easy for some familiar names to fall by the wayside and enter the realm of the discontinued. When Stellantis emerged in 2021 after the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the PSA Group, some observers speculated that the Italian carmaker Lancia — which has its own storied history — would not be long for this world. It was a worrying time for an automaker that had just celebrated the 115th anniversary of its founding.

One year later, though, Lancia appears to have more of a future. As Autoblog reports, the next two years will see something of a revival for the marque in question, with a trio of new models arriving beginning in 2024, including a new take on the Ypsilon. In 2026, what Lancia describes as its “new flagship” will arrive on the scene. And the Delta, “a sculpted and muscular car,” will follow in 2028.

Part of what’s intriguing about the announcement are the way green technologies will be used. The brand’s new models will be entirely electric beginning in 2026, and from 2028 onwards Lancia will only sell electric vehicles. According to the automaker’s announcement, Lancia plans to use more recycled materials than any other Stellantis company, with at least of the touchable surfaces made from “eco-sustainable materials.”

The automaker described this as a ten-year plan. What will the brand look like in 2032? That remains to be seen — but this announcement suggests that some interesting work could be in the cards.

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