Lamborghini Now Offers a Certified Pre-Owned Program

With more cars comes greater responsibility

Lamborghini recently announced a new way to buy a certified pre-owned car. (Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.)
Lamborghini recently announced a new way to buy a certified pre-owned car. (Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.)

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While much of the automotive world is experiencing massive upheaval, from the exciting potential of electric to the distressing potential of tariffs, Lamborghini is bucking the trend and … actually thriving. In 2018, the marque delivered 51-percent more cars than the previous year, with the new Urus SUV pushing them over the coveted 5,000-car mark with 1,761 deliveries.

Unfortunately for Lamborghini, that means more and more of their cars will be hitting the used market, a potential problem for a luxury automaker that doesn’t want hucksters besmirching its good name. To keep a handle on it, the marque recently launched Selezione Lamborghini, a new certified pre-owned program.

While “certified pre-owned” isn’t normally a phrase that gets us hot and bothered, in this case, it’s a godsend for those looking to buy their first Lamborghini. Instead of trusting the word and mechanical know-how of a second-hand seller, and then getting stuck with second-rate parts and undisclosed damage, you can finally get Lamborghini’s official stamp of approval.

To be sold in the Selezione program at authorized dealers, the cars must meet these criteria:

  • Under 43,500 miles for sports cars, under 62,000 for the Urus
  • Under 84 months of use, or 120 for the Urus
  • Undergone regular maintenance according to Lamborghini’s service schedules
  • Pass a test of 150 items, including exterior, interior, mechanics, and more
  • Complete full diagnostic and road tests

In other words, go ahead and put that Lamborghini on your bucket list. No one has to know it’s used.

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