Lamborghini’s Future Lies in the New Hybrid Sián Roadster

If only 63 coupes were made, how rare is this topless version?

Lamborghini Hybrid Sián Roadster driving down the road
The hybrid Lamborghini Sián is back, and this time it's topless.
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

A super-exclusive new roadster was just unveiled with regenerative braking, first-of-its-kind electric technology and a price point that’ll make your eyes water. The most surprising part? We’re not talking about Tesla — this is a Lamborghini. 

On Wednesday, the Italian marque unveiled the new Sián Roadster — a topless, hybrid supercar — after teasing the vehicle on July 4. The release comes almost a year after Lamborghini launched the Sián coupe, the company’s first hybrid model and its most powerful car ever, and alongside the roadster version the two supercars point to “Lamborghini’s route to future hybridization,” as the brand noted in a press release.

The aforementioned exclusive technology lies in the car’s supercapacitors, which take the place of the lithium-ion batteries. Essentially, supercapacitors have lower energy density, but they’re faster at charging and discharging, making them ideal in a hybrid supercar like the Sián which pairs a relatively small 48-volt electric motor with Lamborghini’s monster V12 engine that’s also used in the Aventador lineup.

In a video reveal, Automobili Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali called the Sián Roadster “the perfect symbol of freedom after a period of lockdown in many countries worldwide due to the pandemic,” adding that the automaker’s production lines are back to full operation.

Unfortunately, even if you have the funds to purchase “the perfect symbol of freedom,” you’re already out of luck. At the time of the announcement, Lamborghini had already sold all 19 build slots for the roadster, the same thing that happened when the coupe version debuted (though that will get 63 examples). In other words, if you want access to limited-edition models like this, you pretty much already need to be a Lamborghini owner in good standing.

So how can a nameplate that’s limited to around 80 cars be the “future” of Lamborghini? In short, the company is testing out electrification in these models, and will likely add the technology to more mass market vehicles down the line.

That’s not to say that anything out of Sant’Agata Bolognese is “mass market,” but as Domenicali noted in the video, the Urus SUV is the best-selling Lamborghini, and as the company let slip earlier this year, a plug-in hybrid variant is in the works.

Like we said, no one is safe from the SUV.

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