We See Your Jeep Wrangler and Raise You One With an Integrated Tent

50% more cargo, right this way

May 31, 2018 9:00 am

The Jeep Wrangler has been the undisputed king of wayward automotive emprises for decades.

But in an age of teardrop, pop-up, space-grade, bomb-sheltered trailers and trucks, how can its retain its reign over the off-roads?  

Welcome Red River Rigs, a Lone Star State-based concern committed to outfitting Jeep Wranglers with just a bit more space. Accomplishing that and then some is the American Safari JXL, a Wrangler with a bolt-on safari tent that sleeps four and adds 50% more cargo. 

The kit, which Red River Rigs founder Glen Pratt actually brought to the States via French company BBF Gazell, is designed for a Jeep Unlimited. It effectively replaces the standard roof with a 15-inch pop top, along with more than enough room for cabinets, a sink, more beds … even a pullout shower. That leaves you with a Wrangler AND one of those newfangled campers all the kids are FaceTiming about. 

Find out more info on ordering your Jeep Wrangler conversion treatment here

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