Is Hyundai’s Ioniq the Affordable EV Brand We’ve Been Waiting For?

The automaker is turning its electric hatchback into an entire lineup

Three new electric vehicles from Hyundai EV sub-brand Ioniq
Pick your Ioniq EV: sedan, crossover or SUV.

When we talk about electric cars for normal drivers, most of the conversation centers around Tesla and a few models that have made significant headway in the market, like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt. For the most part, Hyundai is left out of the conversation, even though they’ve offered an all-electric version of their Ioniq hatchback in the U.S. since late 2016, one of the most efficient EVs currently available

On Sunday, the South Korean automaker announced its plan to finally get the electric respect it deserves: Hyundai is spinning off the Ioniq nameplate into a dedicated EV sub-brand which will be launching three new vehicles in the next four years, including an electric crossover, sedan and large SUV. 

We couldn’t be more excited, especially as the Hyundai Prophecy — an electric concept car that we highlighted as a would-be star of the canceled Geneva Motor Show will be used as the jumping off point for the sedan, which will be called the Ioniq 6 and debut in March of 2022. The other vehicles include the Ioniq 5, a “midsize CUV” based on a concept car called the 45, which will debut in early 2021, and the Ioniq 7, the SUV that will be unveiled in early 2024.

There is one element that’s noticeably absent from Hyundai’s announcement that you’ll find in pretty much every other electric vehicle pitch: luxury. As EV plans continue to be unveiled by seemingly every automaker on the planet, many companies are kickstarting their electrified lineup with high-priced, premium models, which makes sense, as they’ll want to make as much money up front after investing in the new technology. But it’s kind of a catch-22; for people to adopt electric vehicles en masse, they need to be more affordable. And with Hyundai’s Ioniq, while pricing hasn’t been announced, the possibility is there.

Instead of touting its luxe components, Hyundai is pitching the Ioniq brand as fast-charging, range conscious and comfortable, “with highly adjustable seats, wireless connectivity and unique features such as a glove box designed as drawers.” 

We can’t wait for a test drive.

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