The Ultimate Van for an American Road Trip Is a German

The Ayers Rock Van just kinda, well, rocks

September 1, 2016 9:00 am

There are some things — Kobe beef sliders, suits, supermodel sisters — that are better in threes. And, as we just learned, it seems crazy-ass outdoor adventure vans just happen to be of them.

Arriving on the wheels of the Sawtooth Adventure Van and the Mercedes Outside Van, the Ayers Rock Van from Hymercar in Germany is a four-person camper that’s been built out on the chassis of a Fiat Ducato van.

Measuring in at just over 7.5 feet and propelled by Ducato’s standard six-speed engine, the two-room Ayers Rock has a full kitchen, a pair of sleeping spaces and a compact bathroom.

The mobile model is chock-full of LEDs that draw their charge from a power source located in the engine compartment and the vehicle can be modified to use diesel or gas heating. With enough room for a quartet of adults to eat, sleep and relax while in transit, the Ayers Rock is an exceptional — as well as affordable ($51,400) — road trip option.

Stand by your van.

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