GM Is Considering Reviving the Hummer … as an Electric Vehicle

The brand could be part of “a fleet of electrified SUVs and trucks”

GM May Revive Hummer SUVs as Electric Vehicles
As General Motors plans future electric SUVs and trucks, one name that keeps coming up is Hummer.
Dimitris Vetsikas/Pixabay

Remember the Hummer? The automotive equivalent of the Gadsden flag was known for two things: taking up two parking spaces and guzzling gas. Soon, not only could the defunct brand make a comeback, but it could become something no one ever expected: an emissions-free EV.

General Motors, which shuttered the Hummer brand back in 2010, is considering reviving it as part of a large electric vehicle push, according to Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources. The so-crazy-it-just-might work scheme would be part of a larger “fleet of electrified SUVs and trucks” that is currently in the works.

While the idea of electrifying one of the most egregious gas guzzlers in history seems preposterous, a look at GM’s foray into EVs makes it seem like a no brainer.

It’s no secret that automakers across the globe are ramping up development of electric vehicles, but when it comes to trucks and SUVs, there’s one name that’s leading the pack: Rivian. Recently, GM’s potential partnership with the startup fell through. Then Ford stole their thunder with a $500 million investment. But by bringing back Hummer, or at least leaking the idea to the press (which seems to be the case here), GM is sending a clear message that they’re not about to roll over and lose the great EV SUV wars.

Unfortunately for Hummer fanboys, GM is still in the brainstorming phase. “Internally, the company looks at the idea as a ‘What If’ exercise when planning which models GM will build with its truck battery pack,” writes Bloomberg.

And if GM President Mark Reuss is any indication, it’s going to be a tough sell; after saying he loves the brand, he added, “I’m not sure. We’re looking at everything.”

If that’s the case, we hope they take a closer look at the H1 and scrap the H2.

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