Nothing to See Here, Just a Motorcycle Powered by a Lexus V8 Engine

Yes, there’s video of it in action

December 14, 2018 9:00 am

What would be on your list of the most intimidating motorcycles? Off the top of the head, we’d go with Batman’s Batpod from The Dark Knight, the light cycles from Tron and the one on the cover of Bat Out of Hell.

But that was before we came across something called the “GangRena.” Built by one Artem Boldyrev in Yekaterinburg, Russia, the bike is powered by no less than a Lexus V8 engine. And unlike the aforementioned monsters, this one is real.

We first saw it over at HiConsumption, and they write that to pull off the 300-HP motor Boldyrev hooked up “a massive rear wheel mated to a two-chain torque system fed through the front gearbox from an all-wheel drive Toyota Mark II Blit.” Plus, he made a Fallout-inspired helmet just in case passing a fully exposed car engine wasn’t scary enough for fellow drivers.

GangRena Motorcycle (5 images)

If the details seem sparse (like the actual model of engine), that’s because their source is in Russian. But we did find a video of the GangRena in action, which you can watch above, and it sounds just as sinister as it looks — the engine growls giving way to a sort of hellish bubbling.

So the only other question is: What kind of trouble does this motorcycle mad scientist get into? Rolling through a fast-food drive-thru, naturally.

All images via HiConsumption

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