No, It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than an All-Electric Flying Jet Ski

Crank it up to 75 MPH and hold your butts

January 8, 2019 9:00 am

The market for personal aircrafts that fly over water has, to date, been a little too Wild Westian. Just look at this DeLorean hoverboat. If that’s not a one-way ticket to the hospital, we’re not sure what is.

Here, though, is one project (and wheel) we can comfortably get behind: a flying electric jet ski from FlyNano

jet ski (3 images)

FlyNano is a Finnish aircraft manufacturer that’s spent most of the decade perfecting a single-seat electric seaplane (here’s the prototype way back in 2012). The company has now shifted gears to an inspired half-seaplane, half-jet-ski design, which glides above the water at up to 75 MPH and does not require a pilot’s license. 

The 100% electric aircraft weighs in at a featherlight 155 lbs. thanks to a handcrafted carbon body, and its cherry-red wingspan stretches 15 feet. Based on a video of it in action here, it’ll soar about 10-15 feet above the water before Sullenberger’ing back down. 

For more information on the FlyNano — and when and how you can fly one — head here

All images via FlyNano

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