Ever Wonder What a Combined Corvette and Jet Ski Would Look Like?

Well, now you can own one

Jet Ski Corvette
One part jet ski, one part Corvette
Boats & Buyers

Just imagine the scene: you’re out on the water, your boat anchored, enjoying a tasty meal and warm weather. You hear the rumble of an engine making its way down the channel. You look over, expecting to see a jet ski or powerboat heading your way. Instead, what catches your eye appears to be a Corvette C8 powering its way through the water.

No, it’s not a muscle car enthusiast paying homage to The Spy Who Loved Me. Instead, it’s a slickly engineered vehicle known as the JetCar — a name that comes from a combination of jet ski and car, as you might have guessed. One is currently on sale via Boats & Buyers, with the auction running through March 23. Bidding is currently at $10,000.

As an article in The Drive reveals, the company behind this aquatic vehicle specializes in evoking great cars in maritime form. The Corvette homage is one of six options that JetCar USA offers buyers, each one with a four-cylinder engine and a a Bluetooth stereo system.

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This particular JetCar has no miles on it, and is based in Hollywood, Florida. According to the listing, it has a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour. It’s not quite in James Bond territory — but it is pretty stylish nonetheless.

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