Camp More Handsomely in This All-Seasons Fiberglass Caravan

We're calling it the Harrison Ford of campers

December 21, 2018 9:00 am

Introducing the Harrison Ford of campers: angular, rugged and somehow better-looking with every mile you put on it.

With the tow-along industry more crowded than ever, it’s getting harder and harder for upstarts to stand out from the crowd. But with their new Migrator, a featherlight fiberglass caravan built for all manner of off-road adventure, Romania’s FIM has achieved it with aplomb.

fim caravans (5 images)

The Bucharest-based company has only been at the caravan game for four years, but it doesn’t show in their design. The Migrator marries exterior toughness and capability (off-road axle-less suspension, tow pairing on everything from a Silverado to a Malibu, LED road lighting) with plush interior comforts (cushy two-person mattress, chargers, fresh water tank).

Not to mention, unlike most camper companies, FIM doesn’t overwhelm a prospective buyer with too many options. You like the caravan? Good. It’s all the same based model, with four different performance packages — Off Road 80, Off Road 100, Summer and Basic. Each comes with slight differences in features and pricepoint.  

For more information on ordering your very own Migrator, head here

All images from FIM Caravans

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