Ferrari Just Unveiled Its ‘Most Extreme One-Off Design Ever’

The P80/C is based on the 488 GT3, but inspired by the '60s

March 25, 2019 9:00 am

Anyone who says one-percenters aren’t so different from the rest of us is wrong. Case in point: the brand new Ferrari P80/C, unveiled this morning via a 12-minute short film, which the marque is calling “its most extreme one-off design ever.”

The key word here is “one-off,” as this track car has been in development since 2015 for an unnamed client who has been working “hand-in-hand” with Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s Senior Vice President of Design, as well as the engineering and aerodynamics teams, according to the Official Ferrari Magazine. As with the identity of the client, the price of the P80/C hasn’t been officially revealed.

Ferrari P80/C (3 images)

You could, however, make an educated guess based on the components — chiefly, Ferrari’s 488 GT3 race car, which serves as the basis. But while the client obviously preferred modern performance, the design sensibilities drew from the marque’s swooping race models from the ‘60s, specifically the 330P3/P4, Dino 206 S and 250 LM.

Don’t expect to see a supercar fail video of the P80/C pop up on Instagram anytime soon, though, because it’s “intended for track use only,” according to Ferrari. That allowed the designers to focus on speed, power and the devilishly handsome looks, rather than mundane things like safety. For example, instead of cutting into the flow of the carbon fiber body, the head- and taillights are reduced to peepholes.

Get a better look at the car in action in the short film below.

All images courtesy of Ferrari

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