What Has 8 Wheels and Never Learned to Share (the Road)?

Sometimes, even the Hummer just won't do

April 24, 2017 9:00 am

With a top speed of just 43 MPH, the Shaman ATV from Russia-based Avtoros won’t be running any zombies over in an apocalypse.

The good news? The Shaman won’t have to, because the 2.5-ton beast can just run them all over.

Powered by a three-liter Iveco F1C diesel engine and a six-speed transmission, the 146-HP Shaman rides on low-pressure tires that allow it to handle snowdrifts and swampland with ease. It also boasts a water-ready frame that can be paired with a screw propeller to enable over-water travel.

Shaman ATV (5 images)

With enough space to carry eight passengers and sleep four of em’, the 20-foot ATV can also be set to “Crab Mode,” allowing its wheels to turn independently and the 8×8 to move sideways. The ultimate companion for hunting trips, fishing excursions and Mad Max cosplay, the Shaman was “designed to protect people from bad luck and to be agents of the roads of life.”

They can watch over us any day.

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