Man Barely Avoids Four Moose, Gives Free Ice-Driving Tutorial

Watch. Rewind. Rewatch.

January 20, 2017 9:00 am

When on a completely empty snowy road, it is your right to have a little fun and skid around a bit. 

But what do you do in case of moose? Y’know, meandering into the road. The car won’t stop because you’re on ice. Brakes: locked. The moose get bigger as you glide closer.

Now all you can only think of is pain.

Or you just get lucky, like this Canadian driver, who steered his car between four adult moose like it was choreographed. According to The Weather Network, Levasque attempted to brake but was slung forward. 

Which had us thinking — now, better than ever, is a good time to brush up on what you should do if you ever find yourself fishtailing on icy roads: let off the brakes, turn into the slide and whatever you do: don’t overreact. 

Just like Levasque. Cheers to you, sir. 

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