It Used to Be a BMW R65. Now They Just Call It ‘Mad Max.’

This bike went to Valhalla to be reborn. Looks like it worked.

October 11, 2016 9:00 am

Gabriel owns a regional television studio.

His partner in crime, Massimo, runs a popular local restaurant.

But those are just the day jobs. The Sicilian-based duo moonlights as Delux Motorcycles, and, judging by this custom job, they’d be excellent friends to have around when the apocalypse comes.

Appropriately named “Mad Max,” the bike started as an ‘83 BMW R65, has changed hands six times, but surprisingly still boasts only about 28,000 miles on the clock. Using pretty much anything they could get their hands on, the Delux duo focused on doing anything they could to cut the bike’s weight, reducing it to a bicycle-esque structure — succinct and snappy. No instruments. No unnecessary electronics.

Most notable is the tank, composed of a water pipe 10mm thick with a naturally weathered patina. Beyond that, the engine block and chassis remain in relatively original condition, though the shock absorbers are rebuilt, the suspension updated and the front affixed with a ’90s Jeep headlight.

The seat is our favorite touch, though, and in a way sums up the entire project: Max is fitted with a fine Bernardi leather seat held on by a found piece of unfinished crowbar. To finish the ride off, they added handlebars from an ‘85 Kawasaki Motocross and a handmade muffler sourced from an old Fiat. It’s the perfect ride for any refined Garbage Pail Kid.


via designboom

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