TRON-Style Bike Has No Spokes, Can Still Do Bike Things

Nobody knows what it means. But it’s provocative.

July 11, 2016 9:00 am

Like their four-wheeled colleagues, bicycles are getting smarter, sexier and more electric.   

And a new design from Cyclotron is pushing the boundaries on all three fronts, along with quite literally reinventing the wheel — it’s spokeless. The Cyclotron has a carbon fiber-wrapped core and an aerodynamic frame modeled after the shape of stealth jets and glider planes. According to its designers, the Cyclotron can “literally ‘slice’ through the air like a knife when you go fast.”

The bike’s drivetrain and gearbox — which is available in both manual and electric versions — is housed completely within the bike’s frame, so it’s safe from the elements and the interior of its wheels are outfitted with utility slots that have snap-in attachments for grocery baskets or a child’s seat.

Cyclotron also has some seriously sci-fi safety features, like sensor-activated TRON-esque LED wheels and a red laser that trails behind it at night. Other electronic goodies include 10 onboard sensors that use Bluetooth connectivity to save data that riders can access and review via the Cyclo-App.

Although all the early-bird models are already, ahem, spoken for, the Cyclotron is still funding on Kickstarter with manual transmission models starting around $1,100 and e-bikes starting at $2,600.

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