Honda Just Announced an E-Bike Concept

It's their first foray into the electric bike space

Honda e-MTB
Honda announced a new concept for an electric bike.

Automakers often have multiple plates spinning at a given time, so it’s not surprising that a plethora of companies known for their vehicles with four wheels also have a sideline in vehicles with just two. That includes the growing market for e-bikes, with plenty of automakers dedicating resources to make inroads there. It’s not all that surprising; if you’re already working on electric cars, applying some of the same materials and technology to a more modest undertaking is likely easier than creating something from scratch.

The latest automaker to make a foray into e-bikes is Honda — and that name might come as something a surprise. As Electrek’s Micah Toll reports, this is a big step for Honda, which historically hasn’t done anything in this segment prior to now.

At this year’s Japan Mobility Show, Honda debuted the e-MTB concept bike. “Easily going uphill with electric assistance, this bike offers a new riding experience that combines the FUN of motorcycles and FUN of a mountain bike,” the company stated in an announcement. “It is being developed to enable anyone to enjoy riding mountainous trails more freely.”

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This isn’t the first Honda electric vehicle making a high-profile debut in 2023. Earlier this year, the company announced the EM1 e:, a scooter described as the company’s “first personal-use electric motorcycle model in Japan.”

The announcement of the e-MTB didn’t provide much in the way of specifics for range or weight, though it did point to the presence of “thin-wall aluminum casting technology.” Honda has said nothing as of yet as to when or if we might see a consumer version of this.

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