The Spectre Superyacht Was Built to Outrun James Bond

Can your evil lair do 54 knots per hour?

January 26, 2017 9:00 am

You don’t buy a superyacht for speed, you buy one so you can be a supervillain with a good tan.

That is, unless you purchase something like the Spectre from AB Yachts. Now you can have all three.

The custom 100-foot AB100 superyacht is hooked up not only with three Man V12-1900 diesel engines (that’s 5,700 ponies), but with three Marine Jet Propulsion waterjets for added speed and maneuverability. Meaning? This luxury vessel boasts a cruising speed of 45 knots and a top speed of 54 knots.

“The Spectre’s new owner didn’t appreciate the 25 MPH top end of his previous yacht and wanted a roomy and well-appointed vessel that could get him where he wanted to go a lot faster than his last boat,” writes Digital Trends.

Is this mysterious owner Ernst Stavro Blofeld, perhaps?

Spectre Superyacht (10 images)

While a house-sized watercraft going 62 MPH on the high seas sounds like a recipe for broken China, AB Yachts assures it runs at top speed with “no vibrations and in total stability and maximum comfort of navigation.”

So even though you can’t buy the Spectre itself, you can contact AB Yachts to create your own custom watercraft with a specially configured interior for taking down James Bond when he eventually comes aboard (psst … go for the trapdoors).

In the market for something a little less sinister? We recently went to the 112th New York Boat Show to get you the scoop on the latest in luxury yachts, fishing boats and something called a motorized surfboard.

Photos via AB Yachts

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