Looking For a Vintage Air-Cooled Porsche? This Auction Has You Covered.

This auction spans decades

1959 Porsche 356
Guests view a 1959 Porsche 356 BT5 Roadster during the London Concours at Honourable Artillery Company on August 20, 2020 in London, England.
John Keeble/Getty Images

Can the history of great automotive design be separated from the history of notable automotive engineering? The history of some of Porsche’s most legendary cars suggests that the two are interwoven. Decades’ worth of Porsches — including the 356 and 911 — were designed in such a way that air was used to keep the engine cool.

By the mid-90s, as this MotorBiscuit article summarizes, that system was replaced by one that used water — a decision made for reasons of both emissions and engineering. But the air-cooled models have continued to have their fans, and as a result, prices for air-cooled Porsches have remained high.

All of which brings us to an online auction which kicked off on Sunday and focuses exclusively on air-cooled Porsches. An article at Robb Report offers more details on the event, and offers spotlights on a few of the most notable models available for purchase.

The auction platform Collecting Cars has more information on the event, which they’ve dubbed Air-Cooled Sunday. Unsurprisingly, the bulk of the cars for sale are 911s in various configurations, including a 1978 model that’s been customized for competitions. For those looking to delve a little further back into Porsche’s history, there are also 356s from 1964 and 1965 currently up for bid — the latter of which was customized for the Dutch highway patrol.

Even if you’re not in the market for a vintage Porsche, the cars on display offer a fantastic illustration of the different permutations of the Porsche 911 over the years — a classic design in a host of memorable variations.

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