Keanu Reeves’s ARCH Motorcycles Announces Production of 1s

This one's several years in the making

ARCH Motorcycles
Gard Hollinger speaks next to Keanu Reeves during the presentation of the new motorbike Arch 1s during the 2017 Milano Moto Show.
MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images

The road from prototype to production can be a long one, whether you’re looking at a motorcycle or an SUV. In 2017, ARCH Motorcycles announced the 1s, described at the time in a CycleNews article as “the company’s first single-sided swingarm motorcycle.” But in the years since then, the 1s has remained in development even as the KRGT-1 — named for one of the company’s founders, Keanu Reeves — began making its way onto roads across the country.

Now, however, the 1s looks like it’s ready to have its moment in the spotlight as well. ARCH Motorcycles posted a video in which the company’s co-founder, Gard Hollinger, detailed some of the features of the 1s — and detailed the years-long process that it took to get to this point. He also helped explain what differentiates the 1s from the KRGT-1 and what they have in common, such as a V-Twin engine.

“Where it differs from the KRGT-1 is that it’s a little bit more agile,” Hollinger explained in the video. “I would say that it offers a little bit more of an aggressive riding experience than the KRGT-1.”

He went on to point out that the 1s has a similar-looking chassis to the KRGT-1, but one that features a number of differences pertaining to faster steering, as well as an exhaust system designed to project the sound of the engine in a specific direction. There’s also a slim but comprehensive-looking digital dashboard and an unobtrusive method of refueling the motorcycle.

Autoblog has even more details on the 1s, including the price — $128,000. It’s a lot of money for a lot of motorcycle.

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