Keanu Reeves’s Second Motorcycle Is a Carbon Fiber Wondermobile


February 15, 2018 9:00 am

For all the theatrics that went into Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial of Keanu Reeves surfing a motorcycle, you’d be forgiven for missing the secondary objective of the ad, which was to plug Arch Motorcycles the custom moto company co-founded by Reeves with business partner and friend Gard Hollinger.

Late last year, the company revealed the newest addition to its bespoke lineup, the Method 143, a new bike that combines carbon fiber, machine aluminum and leather to dazzling effect.

Limited to only 23 units, Arch says the bike will feature a monstrous 143 cubic-inch 2343cc engine housed in a one-piece carbon-fiber chassis. Not only that: the 143 will also feature a carbon-fiber exhaust system, house-designed carbon-fiber turbine wheels and Suter Industries-produced CNC machined bodywork.

No word yet on pricing, but trust it’ll be a pretty penny.

Just don’t try to surf it.

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